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This are some careers that I would like to study and some of the requirements.

Softball Player
  1. You need to learn how to catch.
  2. You need to know how to pitch(underhand)
  3. You need to know how to bat.
  4. To have good skills
  5. How to catch in different ways.

Computers Technician
  1. You need to know to go contoll them.
  2. Need to know how to install them.
  3. You need to be able to know whats wrong with them
  4. Need to have good skills.
  5. Study hard.
  6. How to program then good.
  7. How to cure the virusses.

Fly Attendant
  1. You have to study for it.
  2. You dont need to be scare of the plane.
  3. You need to be freindly.
  4. You have to speak more than 7 languages.
  5. You need to weight a certain amount.
  6. It gives you alot of benefits.

School Teacher
  1. You need to be smart.
  2. You need to go to college.
  3. You need to have patience.
  4. You have to love the students.
  5. You have good manners to the students won't dislike you.

  1. You have to have good grades.
  2. Need to follow the rules.
  3. Be active
  4. Don't be scare
  5. Willing to do everything
  6. Have a good GPA