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My Career

In the future you always have to decide what your giong to do or be.In my case I have already plan a lot of things and I have decide what I am going to do when I grow up.
A job is an obiligation you have to do. Whether is a partime job or a fulltime its were you do work(duty) to get money each week or each 15 days. Its also a big responsibility because if you don't show up you can get fire. When I come out of high school I'm planning of getting a partime job at a restaurant maybe in "Jack In The Box" but for sure I need to work to get money.For the meanwhile if I work in a restaurant I would like to get a degree on a Computers Technician. I want to attend to ITT Tech. That would be be the next job that I would work in.About a career? Well a career is a job that you had study for and that you attended college. A career is something more than a job. A career is a proffesion where you get good paid and full benefits. When I grow up I want to study for a Proffesional Softball Player. Softball is the career that I want and the career that touch my heart. I know thats its not going to be easy but in this world you can't do anyhthing without giving it a try. Thats the career that I have decided to study for thats what I am going to do for my future. My mom thiks that it is a bad idea. But she saids that I should study for whatever I want to. This is what I want for my future and the job,proffession ans my Career.