"My Future"

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I am really ecxited to know what and how my future is going to be. One thing I know is that I am not planning to marry while I'm at college?why? cause I dont want no guy to be messing up my future. One thing is that right after high school I am planning to go travel to Guatemala for 2-3 months to give myself a big nap and with my family. Then when I come back Im going to to start my same routine of studing.Another thing I am sure about is that I will still live with my parents because I am not planning of leaving her for nothing in this whole wide world. For my future I want to spend ther most wonderful moments ever. I want to have fun and to enjoy this unique life. After I gradute from college I want to attend ITT College to recieve a degree on computers. Then I'm planning to attend CSUN'S college if I get to qualified. I if I go to college I would like to study for a Softball Player. In the future I want to have it all thats why I don't want to be a left over. I'm planning also to get a part-time job after I come out of high school because once we grow up we get a responsibility just like other adults. Once I grow up I want to live in a nice place (in a house) with my mom,sister,and my brother. My methods for the future are really hard but i know that if I try my best I am going to accomplish it and I will shine and go really far and for me not having a father it doesn't mean that I'm not going to a failure.