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When I grow up I would like to attent to ITT Tech college to get a degree on computers.A Computers Technician is a person that installs computers. Repairs them and work with computers.

The reason why I want to get a degree on computers is because I love computers. They have been my entertaiment since a long time ago. I love searching for informations and others. Computers are an electronic that makes me happy and that I spend good time with. Also in this future i wouldn't like to become a loser I want to be a winner.

In the future I want to make my self proud and I want to make my mom feel proud of me. I want to become another graduated perdon in this world. I want to take advantage of every opportunity that other don't have for example those kids that use H2O machines.So I want to be proud and a graduated student.

Becoming a Computer's Technician when I come out of high school makes me feel happy. I want the best for my future. I want to be a shiny star that's going to make everyboby proud. I know that if I follow my dreams I'm going to end up really far. I'm also planning to attend CSUN'S College were am going to aniciate my 2nd future permanent career.