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"My Life"
My name is Tania Palencia,I'm 14 years old I'm in the 9th grade and I'm studing at Birmingham High School.I was raised in L.A of curse I was born in Van Nuys.I love this state and for nothing in the world I woudln't go no were.My parents are from Guatemala. I live with my mom Guadalupe,brother George and my sister Cynthia.I have another older sister shes in Guatemala.She's 22 years old but shes already marry with a guy who can be her father.My dad Alfonso sadly passed the way 12 years ago when I was 2 years old and its a pain that I have to live and carry with me for the rest of my life.Buy God gave us a wonderful stepfather who has raise us since we were left without a father, His name is George Villegas and his from Guerrero, Mexico and his married to my mom.George is really nice to us, I treat him as a father not only because he has raised us but also because he has always respect me,he has treated me like one of his own daugthers but the most important thing is that he has been there like a responsible father for us and is something I thanks god for.My favorite subject at school is math. Math is a subject that I easily understand and the one that I mostly enjoy,The one I least like is Science because sometimes I'm a hard head for that subject. My favorite hobbies are cleaning and spending time with my family.My favorite Holidays are New Years and Christmas because is the holiday that my family and I spend the most wonderful time toghether and its a sign of a new wonderful year.The holiday that I really don't enjoyed is halloween because my opinion is that I'm big enough for me to dress in a costume but the best thing about Halloween is going for Trick-Treat.I'm a girl that doesn't like to be messing around like other girls.I'm a girl who likes taking along with others and that never feels alone.I'm a lot into my studies and I care alot about school and my grades becasuse I know that if I don't get good grades I'm not going to end up really good. After I come out of High School I am planning of getting a degree on Computers Technology since I love computers and I'm also planning to attend CSUN'S College.One of the biggest goal that I have is to become another graduated student from Birmingham High School and from College.In the future I'm planning to become a newsreporter or a professional Softball Player and would like to become known because of my talent and my effort I put into my work.All I dream for only I can make it come true.