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Jorge Campose

His named is Jorge Campos.He was born in October 15,1966 on Acapulco, Guerrero, MEXICO.He has a preety big family four sisters and 3 brothers.And he starter his pro career in 1988 with Pumas,he play keeper and he play foward to.He used to play with his national team Mexico.He was a good soccer player back then.Right now he retired of soccer he is the second coach for Mexico.
I have lot of infernation about campose.I'am just going to tell you some of his life.And who he play with and other thimgs to.Everybody knows who is Jorge Campose HE was a good soccer player when he was young right now he is good but not as when he started

The first team he play was with Pumas in Mexico.Then later on he went to the Atlante. after that he went with Cruz Azul for two season then Publa was the last team he played in his career.He played in the MLS with two teams the first team he play with was Galaxy for two seasons then he went to Chicago fire the was last team he play with in the MLS.His nikename was "El Brody".

He was know as one of the best keeper that Mexico had during the Wrold Cups.

Pumas , Atlante Cruz Azul and Publa,Galaxy, Chicago Fire

Jorge Campos had allot achievements but the main ones are that he was the first mexican soccer playersigned by MLS then right now there are players that come from different countries.HE debut on 11/20/191 on the Mexican national team and he has won 95 caps with his international appearances for his country.
Favorite things....
Jorge Campos Favorite food is sea food.He likes to watch diffrent of his favorite animals are the horses he likes to ride them. fvorite soccer player is Marco Van Basten and his favorite athletes are Michael Jordan, David Robinson and Steffi Graf.And last one is his best Stadium Azteca Stadium.

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