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This is a picture of calos ruiz takeing a shot

This is a picture of beckham when he came to Real Madrid.

This is a picture of chilarvert when he block a shot.

This is a picture of ronadinho when he playing with his team barcelona,and he took the the other player.

This is a picture of Rafa Marquez takeing a player from the team. He playes with barcelona.He was born in Mexico,he plays for the international team mexico.When he became a pro soccer player his first team was Atlas then he went Spain to played with Monaco after that he went to barcelona.He has a wife he got marry with a cute woman. Right now i thimk he is haveing a good season with his team and he starting for his teamas.His postion is a defender right side only,that has been his postion forever since he started playin soccer.Right now i thinked there in 3 place in there standings.But I am for sure there going to make the playoff becaused they have a good team and there are other platers that played for there national team.Right now he is living with his wife in spain,he is living there becaused he is playing there so if he played in mexico he had to buy a house in mexico thats what allot of soccer players do that so they could lived with there familly .He was raised by both of his parents in mexico , he won allot of soccer games with all of his teams he played in and he lost allot of game to liked ever one that playes soccer there no one that is going to win all of ther games.Everyone has lost at least 20 or more games.I thinked whrn he retirds everyone is going to know how he was back then in his time.He hasn't score allot of goles becaused he dosen't go up in the games becaused he plays a defence.I think he has gone to 3 wrold cup with his national team Mexico and he has started all those 3 wrold cups but he has never won one with his team.

This is a picture of ronaldo takeing the kepper and he is about to score a goal.Right her he is playing with his team REAL MADRID,that team has the best players of the wrold that's what they say but that is not true,but they good players and there in 1 place in there stadings.He playes with his national team that is Barzil he in the starting line up.His postion is foward he scores allot of goals with his team Brazil and Real Madrid.He is marry to a nice woman i thinked he has 1 or 2 kids.He got hurt ,he couldn't played for one year then he came back to played soccer with his soccer.He has the some sicks crossing over the player liked when he cross the kepper in the picture.He was raised by both of his parents.He is from brazil he was raised there.He has won a MVP in soccer with his soccer team.And he earn that becaused he is a very good soccer player.They even made some soccer shoes for him and they even has his named on the side of the shoes and they coast $180.00 right her any many soccer players have the shoes

This is a picture of Thierry Henry, he plays for Arsenal.He has a good team and he has good teammates he playes forward he scores once in a while but when he scores he scores nice goals.He is the best player of his team.He playes with his national team that is France he has played wrold cups with france.

He as born in 17/08/1977 in France.All most every body know who is and what team he plays in.He kicks with his right foot.He used some nike vapors to played in the field.Right now his team is doing well in there stadings becaused the have goo players

This is a picture of hartman.He is talking to his goalkeeper about his mistakes.This picure is when there parcticeing in the studium.He is the starter of the team he all ready won a title with galaxy.He was born in USA he went to college UCLA.Then he was draft into Los Angles galaxy then he been playing there since he started playing as a pro soccer player.This season they didn't do well becaused the lost in sems so they didn't make it to the championship these year but they woulkd back next year.They onlt lost 2-0 but they still good no matter what happens.There allways going to be my favorite team in the MLS.Everybody knows him becaused the gloves that he used he is the only keeper that ware yellow gloves in the games.

This is a picture that shows some soccer shoes they are named vapor.There are thre the ones the Ronaldo uses in the games,they coast$180.00 that is the regulare price of the shoes.They have them in black,white and gray,red,orange and blue.The gold vapors were made in the year 2004 and CRISTIANO RONALDO is the man that ware this soccer shoes.The material of the shoes is nikeskin synthetic.There are made in Italy.There are the only soccer shoes that weight:7.1oz that dont weight allot the other shoes weight more than7.1oz.I have this shoes but i have them in white and gray.This shoes are only for grass if you used them in dirt they would get messup in the bottom.You could only find these shoes in special stores like in soccer stores or in Eurosport that is the only way you could get these soccer shoes.
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