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If I want to become a pro soccer player i have to go to college at least 2 or 3 years.Some players that played with the Galaxy went to collage and they made it to the MLS and they are starders for the team.Like Hartman he is the kepper for Los Angles Galaxy, he went to college.

If i go to college i would like to go to UCLA becaused it is a good college.My parents say that if i go to college i have a better chance to reach goal."My parents told me if i want it to become a pro soccer player if i go to college they would pay the money".

If i make it to the MLS i would liked to be HARTMAN.He play in the Los Angles Galaxy.HE was born in the United States and he went to college. After that he went MLS his been champions with the Galaxy in 2003 they won in overtime.For me he is the best keepper in the MLS,I dont know about othere peoples opions.

I would liked to play in college to.Then if i make IT to the MLS i would be ready to play liked a pro.Rightn now i dont kown were i want to go i am still thinking what college i should go.But in few more years i would know were I am going for sure."I belive in my self".

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