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I took me 7 years to be a good soccer player and because i try hard to.It takes allot of time to be a good soccer player.One thing you have to know how to kicked a soccer ball.And the more inpornted thing to kown how to controled the soccer ball or else you can played soccer.It takes allot of time but you could learn it fast if you pay attention to the coah.

The other thing is to have speed.Its better if you have allot of speed because in the case if a teammeat give you a long pass you could catch up to the ball thats why you need speed to played soccer.People that play soccer are fast and there not fat there are skining.If you have a fat soccer he might be a good player but he need to have speed.

Last thing you need to be a good soccer player is to know how to do tricks with the ball. And when you give a pass to your teammat you need to have your head up so you know who your going to give the pass to.If you keep your head down you might give the ball to the other team.One more thing i need to do you have to go to collage. THE

IF you want people to reconize you should play in a good team.If you wat people to go see you should play really good and try to give allot of nice passes to.You should score some nice goals so people would go see you.
H2O 511 1 /24 /1900 I was born

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