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info. on Teams

I have allot of teams that i liked but the mains one are Barcelona and Real Mardid and Arsenal.Arsenal is my fariote team,I like them becaused they have a good team and players.They play in English premier.They play in the yellow uniform when they are away,and when they play home they used the red one only.Right now there in the top 8 teams in there standigs.In top of these picture there is a picture of the team Arsenal,the players in the picture there in the starting line up for the team.The best player of the team is Therry Henry he is the bottom row,he is the second one starting from the right side.Arsenal right now there in second place just three points away from the first place team.

The picture in the left is the stadium of Arsenal,that's where they play when there playing home games only.The stadium is red becaused that is the color of the team when they play home,and thats why the chairs are red too.And the grass is nice and green.

The picture in the left is the team Real Mardid.I like this team becaused they have the best players in the wrold that's why i like this team.All of this players in the picture there are the starters for the team.Real Mardid plays in the Spanish league there are in the top 8 teams of there league, the team is in fourth place,Barcelona in frist place but there could still make the playoff,becaused the work like a team.

The picture in the left is a picture of real mardid stadium.This stadium is really big.As can you see the field is really good and the grass is nice.Many teams don't have there name on the chairs these team does have there name on the front chairs only,and that lookes nice .

This is a picture of Barcelona starting line up this year.The have good players these year,this year they got a new player his name is Rafel Marques he plays for many teams.The position that he plays is right defener he being play there since he starting playing soccer.He play in Mexico for 2 years.For me i think Barcelona is going win the championship.Barcelona plays in the Spanish league.If barcelona wins the championship i would be happy.Right now no team could stop Barcelona becaused there in first place.

The picture in the left is the stadium of Barcelona,. this is where they play when they play home only.The uniform that they play home is the red & blue and dark blue and they with that uniform when they away too.This stadium was build in 1957 and is the largest stadium in Europe.And there were 105 exits in the stadium.The name of the stadium is Nou Camp and they play the World Cup 1982 games in these stadium.

info. on players

He was born on September 15, 1979 in Guatemala City, Guatemala.He came to the MLS and the first team he play was Los Angles Galaxy.In his first two MLS seasons he led the league in goals scored.In 2002 he scored 24 and 15 in 2003.He has been a MVP allready in the MLS.He has been named MLs player of month and player of the week.He is all so know as "The Little Fish" (Pescadito).Started his professional career at the age of 16 with CSD Municipal in Gatemala.He plays forGuatemalan National team.But his full name is Carlos Humberto Ruiz Gutierrez,he is Married to Laura and he has two daughters, Andrea and Samantha.

Ronaldo plays with Real Mardid the best team in the wrold.He was born on September 22,1976 in Bento Ribeiro, Brazil.And he is the world's top soccer player.He plays with his international team that is Brazil,he played the wrold cup in 1998 as a forward . Before he was 18 and scored 58 goals in 60 games, with his first team in Brazil. By the age of 17, Ronaldo was a name known throughout the world.His first wrold cup was on 1994 in Argentina.He even has his own shoes they are the vapors in gold.He play in four teams first team is Palmeiras in Brazil then PSV Eindhoven in Netherlands and FC Barcelona in Spain last Inter in Italy and right now he is playing with Real Mardid in Spain.

Ronaldinho plays with Barcelona.Ronaldinho was born on March 21, 1980 in Porto Alegre Brazil.His real name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira.He is one of the wrold's top soccer player.Ronaldinho began his professional career at Gremio in Brazil.He plays with his internationa team Brazil,the first time he play with his internationa team was on 1999 VS Paraguay.Since then he has been playing with Brazil.On December 20, 2004, Ronaldinho was named FIFA World player of the year.He has been name three time as FIFA World player of the year.

Thierry Henry was borm on August 17, 1977 in Les Ulis, Paris, France.The position that he plays is Forward. He is playing for Arsenal F.C. in the English FA Premier league.And he play with his international team France,before he came to Arsenal he was playing with Juventus.The first time he played with his international team was in October 1997 against South Africa.He is married to Nicole Merry.He has won the World Cup in 1998 with France.And he has won other things in his soccer career.

info. on keepers

This is a picture of Oscar Perez when he is blocking a shoot from USA in the Wrold Cup 2002.He plays in Cruz Azul.Oscar Perez was born in Mexico.Right now he is playing with Cruz Azul in Mexico,He is the starting keeper for the team.This season they didnt do good becaused some of the players left or went to other team.He has play with his international team Mexico in Wrold cup 2002.The season that past they did bad there stay in the bottom of the standing.But they got a new coach for this seson that is going to start.And they are going to get new players if that happens next season cruz azul would win the championship.right now he is some where in his 30's something.Since he became a pro soccer player he has been playing with Cruz Azuul.In his carrer as keeper he has made the finals with the team but they lost in overtime 1-0 that's the only time he had made the finals since then he has make the finals.

This is a picture of the keeper Kevin Hartman when he is diveing.His oringnal position is keeper.He was born on May 25,1974 at Athens,Ohio.He play in college with UCLA.This seson that past he won 11 games, and he save 117 shoots.This is the only team he plays in since he became a pro.He has play in two All star game as the keeper of the all star team.He helped lead the Galaxy to is first-ever U.S. Open Cup Championship by registering four consecutive wins in 2001.He has been named as the keeper of the year in the MLS, he is one of the best keeper of the MLS.He plays in his international team USA.He is not married he has two sister Lauren and Karen.His nicknamed is "EL Gato".He would like to one day play for Manchester United in the English Premier League.

This is a picture of Tony Meola when he is blocking a shot from the other team.The position that he play's is keeper, that's the only position that he play's.He was born on February 21, 1969 in Belleville , New Jersey.Right now he is playing with kansas City Wizards in the MLS.Before he came to Kansas City Wizards he was playing for MetroStars in the MLS.He is the starting keeper for the team right now.This season that past his record was nine wins and seventy six saves.But before that season he started all 30 matches with the Wizars in 2003.He plays with his international team USA. he was the starting keeper for the team but right now is someone else.He has been in three Wrold Cup with USA the last one was in 2002.He is married to Colleen they have two sons and one daughter

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