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My career is to become a Soccer player.I been play soccer fo seven years and i liked playing soccer.I play in a soccer club for one year.Right now we are playing in the coast soccer league.It took me all most one year to become a really good soccer player is not really easy to learn soccer if you are a started.I liked to played soccer because it is a great sport to played.When i grow up i become a pro soccer player i want to played in the MLS with Los Angles Glaxy.I want to played there because i liked the team and i allways go to see them when they are playing at home.

I think it is going to be hard to make it to the team but if i try i would get to my dream but i know I am going to get there.I am going to collage so it could be easy to get there.Right now I am in Brimingham High School soccer team.Its going to be my first year in the team.

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