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My story

Hi my named is Francisco Martinez.I am 14 years old and ilived with mparents.I haved a little brother and a sister.I was born in Mexico i came her when i was six years old.I came her to get a better life.I been played soccer for 8 years and i lked playing soccer.Right now i am played with a club and we are playing in the coast soccer league.right nowi am playing in BHS soccer team.

I liked differnt kind of brands liked ECKO, SEAN JOHN and ANCHORBLUE.My favorited color is blue and white. I picked white because it matches to everything thats why.My favorited subject is algebra i dont know.I grauted from elementry, middle school.I get good grades on my report card.My favorited brand of shoes are nikes and adidas. When i dont have anything to do i listen to music or played video games.