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revhownddogg rocks THE WORLD

revhownddogg rocks ~~~~~walliehownddogg says---ITS A DOGG EAT DOGG WORLD __

================================================= =================================================== ========================================================== part 2 ========================================================= a long hard look at life from a ddoggs point of view... (hear revhownddogg at) ----artist_now---mixposure--lumina---- artistopia---zebox--ctg_music----my_space --independent_artists_company--musicianmp3----buzzplay-- --iSOUND.COM--soundclick---sonicgarden---
Wassupp all you hownds... im the revhownddogg -------------------------------------------- i dont know why---i guess im just a dogg --a --hownd--. I like to howl,--and some times i do. Arenot we all doggs at heart-- we run with the pack - ------and are allways on the prowl. -- Its a doggs life ---so live it --love it--- and ROCK AND ROLL. I play the guitar and it owns me.---------- let the music play-- LET IT PLAY LET IT PLAY.Never stop a rocken --- its what keeps the dogg barken and beggen and prowlen and grinning.-- you know--- that big toothy grin-----us doggs have. a love of music drives wallie hownddogg--to continue the fight to create a rocken smoken tune that will go down as a great one.---- --a loner by nature hownddogg looks for other doggs to jam with-- and howl------------------------------------------------------------rev2004
Born on a poor dirt farm in the flatlands of nebraska-- the dogg was looking for his outlet --his way to create a statement --then in a dream a vision of a guitar spoke to him.--- you must learn the ways of rock and roll.,,young dogg--it said --so was born the force that today is revhownddogg- -let loose the doves--and may god have mercy on us all----. How would you describe the band:: its hard to describe a feeling -- its evin harder to describe an enigma such as revhownddogg00- -the best you can hope for is to survive it -- and leave with a hope that the images in youre mind .are only makebelieve... SoundClick Now! 3D Driver Game Absolute Space Game
(Space Invaders Clone)
Asteroids, Just Like You Remember! Blox - Legos you don't have to pick up when you're done! Boulderdash! Canoe Clobber Centipede! A Groovy Penguin Game! Cliffie! A Groovy Postman Game Dig Dug! Java Miner Moonstar Shooting Game Tail Gunner! Addictive! Torpedo Game! Wastem - Shooting Arcade Game Warp - Space Game! UFO Attack Tux On The Run, Another Pengo Game! Space War, Remember Galaga?

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