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Join the *P*P(*A)(*P) today!!!!
The *P*P(*A)(*P) is an organisation, ran by Martin Worrall, along with Mark Richmond.
Togehter, they are trying to rid the world of the evils of ppl like GU!
Many other examples include shaun mochan, and pictures of these criminals can be found at our "Pictures of Pathetic People Who Must Be Wiped Out" section
By joining the *P*P(*A)(*P), you will not only help others, but also yourself, so let us help yourself!!!
We shall be undertaking some work soon whereby we will show pictures of the various criminals to the public to get them to join, if they do, we slap our rosette of pink and aubergine on their faces, and if they dont then they just get slapped and added to the list.

This music is "sexual chocolate" and has been chosen to be the campaign anthem because it is extremely pathetic, but funny at the same time.
Pictures of the party members will be posted within the next week or so.
Our campaigning has begun, and our first campaign is against Fun Time. Check the "Campaigns" section for more details

Pictures of Pathetic People Who Must Be Wiped Out

Contact Us

Martin Worrall, Party Leader
Mark Richmond, Party Executive Leader
Show us some love...or hate if you so wish