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Pablo's 1st Blog
Sunday, 21 December 2003
NEW BLOG!!11!!
Just wanted to say...I won't be using this blog any more. I'm using the thing located at:

because apparently Angelfire really sux0rz according to Terra. Sry.

Umm...yeah. c u there i suppose.

Posted by apes2/hcmemorial at 1:08 AM CST
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Friday, 19 December 2003
Yeah, that's right - another update in less than an hour! Well what can I say - I have a lot to say.

...CRAP. Forgot what I was gonna say. O yeah - Avril Lavigne sucks bad. There we go. You want to hear some really, really good stuff head over to most stuff there defies awesome. And plz don't sue me.

Here's 2 shoutouts to my BOYZZ!!!11!!! cody, bogey, higs, josh, zorro, cesar, y stouter. I should probably do those monologues on you guys soon...and what better time than to-night! I don't want to have a 3 post-per-day record on my hands. Gotta watch out for the RIAA....yeah.

Call of Duty 80% done!

The Crew:
Mitch: He's pretty much our main man. Leads the pack, like the hungry, angry wolves we are. Not that he eats meat - vegetarian. But yeah. Bloody resourceful as well - kinda like the one guy in the one book. Katzinscky. All Quiet on the Western Front. Only he's not willing to chase around a goose for a good meal. Vegetarian. Plus, he's got Mariposa's heart cause of do you spell 'em...Muttin' Chops. I don't know about those Muttin' Chops.

Jason: The gunman. With minigun and grenades slapped to his belt, that man could take over England. Then again, he'd need bullets. He seems to forget those every time he needs 'em too. It's always
"Did you guys take my ammo?"
"Yeah, Rambo. We need your ammo for our big miniguns that we got strapped to our shoulders right here."
"I'm serious."
"Yeah. We know."
Then again, isn't the quote something like "guns are for shows, knives are for pros"?

Brian: aka Mr. Big. Sure, his brother fits the description better. But a Vegan with supposedly long hair who can't put his arms together he's so friggin' pumped doesn't really deserve the name. But Brian knows the people - meaning everybody. He can get anything and get rid of anything in less than a week. Pigs, he says. Well, you get what you pay for.

Cody: A crazy one at times. He thinks he's so good just cause he's got his "weapons" he likes to call 'em. I say he should put those things away when we're eating for God's sake. At least he's our driver, and a good one at that. If being able to dodge 1156 cars in a row on the freeway going the wrong direction and still getting away from the cops counts as being a good driver. Does to me at least.

Bogey: Some people I just don't get. Then again, demolitions isn't exactly my thing. Maybe that's what got in to him. That, or his girl. Not that that explains how he could have taken over half the stores in a shopping mall using his secret "carrot and CD carrying case bomb" without getting arrested. Not to mention the fondling.

Josh: One of the less-crazy ones of the "Crew." Sure, we pick on him alot, but everybody needs a scapegoat including us. He's the "home" man. And the cook. Most of the stuff is surprisingly edible, up until to the point you actually see what it looks like. Good luck cleaning that stuff up. No, not the food. The stuff you just gagged all over the ground. Yeah, I know that's his job, but it's your puke.

More to come later.

Posted by apes2/hcmemorial at 10:53 PM CST
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1st Entry
Dude, first thing to say on my first blog ever:

it WAS easy as crap.

I mean, I'm not getting paid to say this (ironically), but w/ Angelfire I got a free blog in like 10 minutes. Well, I DO have an account, but it's totally free.


Woot! My first one. Time to celebrate? Not yet. Saw Return of the King last night (12/18/03) and it was really good. VERY long - 3 and 1/2 hours - but still good. Sure, there were things here and there that were left out of the book, but it was still a good movie. I'm not saying Peter Jackson's a genius, just good job.

At least this year ended on a good note movie-wise. It was a bgi year for movies (I believe) with the hulk, the final two matrix movies, and lotr films, and other stuff. There wasn't much in the beginning (of the year), as everyone was waiting for the Summer of the Movies.

First, there was nothing. Then God said "Let there be The Hulk." So God went to the movies and payed for an overpriced $7.50 ticket to see it. And it was good.

Then God said "Let there be some crappy movies here and there," and God did not go see them. And it was okay.

Then God said "Let the Wachowski brothers release the final two parts to The Matrix Trilogy," and God payed waaay overpriced tickets of $7.50 to see these. And it...wasn't good. We have yet to learn what God will do about these movies.

Then God said "Let there be good movies to redeem this year, like Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Last Samurai, and The Return of the King," and God payed underpriced tickets to see these movies. So the year ended on a good note.

'Phew'. Anyways, I really should have done that on my "official" website (located here at ). Some stuff on me in this o-so-current moment:
1. I'm about to finish d/ling the Call of Duty demo, which I played at Cody's house and it rocked.
2. I have the background music from the shop screen on Otogi: Myth of Demons (Xbox) stuck in my head.
3. These new socks my mom bought are really, really comfortable. The ones with all grey on the bottom.
4. I am currently a really big fan of Aphex Twin and the Chemical Brothers. Anybody want to talk about 'em my AIM s/n is Hendrix rocks88.
5. I'm still feelin kinda bad. After Mariposa said I was...I think it was "bad" and "demented." I know "demented" was in there.
6. My parents just so happen to arrange for our family to go know skiing over New Year's Eve and Day. ******.

Posted by apes2/hcmemorial at 9:56 PM CST
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