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A Holocaust Memorial by Austin S.

Let us never forget that which happened during those fateful years. This site was made in commemoration of those who suffered or were affected by the Holocaust, and also in inspiration from the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel. Feel free to explore the posted links - the least you can do is know what really happened. Here is a poem entitled "The Only Weapon We Have" by Cyna Glatstein, a Holocaust survivor --"Words are empty, vacant, they have no heart, no soul. But they are the only weapon we have; we have no choice. In the long run, there will be no survivors, no liberators, but the deniers will be there. And the words will be there, the truth will be there."--

Links to Holocaust sites

Holocaust Forgotten - focuses on non-Jewish victims
The Nizkor Holocaust Educational Project's official Holocaust site
The Holocaust Remembrance Project
Stories and other media of several Holocaust survivors
The New American Holocaust Memorial Center
The Holocaust Chronicle book on-line
A very comprehensive Holocaust site by Ben S. Austin
Shamash The Jewish Network's Holocaust page - many historical downloadable texts among other things
The Jewish Virtual Library's Holocaust Page