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A career that draws me attention is being a photographer. It's appeling to be because I just resently discovered how much fun it is to take photographs. The joy that comes from taking snapshots of everyday and capturing that split second on film.

Not long ago, I purchased a disposable camera to fulfill my curiosity of taking random pictures of random thing I come across. I wanted to capture rare objects and take a picture of them or find ordinary objects and find a new weird angle to photograph them by. I found the process of find new and exiting angle for photographs very pleasing and may want to do it as a career in the future.

I would love to take pictures for a living. My pictures can be published in many publications. They can be on a popular magazine or on a book, the possibilities are endless. In this career I would make money from selling my photographs to any one who is interested in them for their own use. Who ever buys the pictures will be able to do with whatever they wish with them. Of coarse they will not be able to resale them because they are not the ones who took the picture.

I would sell my pictures to any one and everyone. It will not matter what they want them for. They may just want them to add them to their collection or they may want them to publish on a national magazine. This freedom of not having to take pictures for a certain someone [ie. a company] will give me more freedom to photograph anything I want and not an expecific thing.

In this career the oppornunity to travel the world would certainly be a must because the world of filled with countless things just waiting to be photographed.

Below are some photgraphs that really drew my attetion.

A raging wildfire consumes a forest
A heavenly sunrise
The red-orange sun sets over the sea