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Inspirational Rock Bands

* Finger Eleven
* Dust for Life
* Three Days Grace
* Disturbed
* Slipknot

Finger Eleven posing for the cameraThe Canadian rock band Finger Eleven has had a extremely successful career. Finger Eleven got their humble beginning in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada under the name of The Rainbow Butt Monkeys. While still climbing the success ladder in their hometown, they won a local battle of the bands competition and used the money to release an album called “Letters from Chutney.” There was a limited release of this album. It landed them a record contract with Wind-Up Records in the United States. The Rainbow Butt Monkeys decided to change their name because they became more serious about their careers to Finger Eleven. Finger Eleven is James Black, Sean Anderson, Scott Anderson, Rich Beddoe, and Rick Jackett; pictured left to right. Finger Eleven then released their debut album “Tip” in September 15, 1999 under their new label Wind-Up. In July 25, 2000 they released their follow up album, “The Greyest of Blue Skies,” which included the hit single “Drag You Down.” Three years later on June 17, 2003 their third album, which was self-titled, was released. Finger Eleven's sound has evolved over the years. "Tip" was the slowest one and the most melodic. "The Greyest of Blue Skies" is definitely the heaviest and best album. Songs from it are soft at certain parts, but fast and heavy at others. Having two guitar players is really makes a difference here. Their latest album is not their best, but it has had to most success.
Dust for Life looking coolDust for Life are an extremely talented rock band from Tennessee. Chris Gavin, Jason Hughes, Josh Weil, and Rick Shelton form Dust for Life. In April 2000, Dust for Life signed a record deal with Wind-Up Records. Not long after they released their self-titled debut album. Their debut album is filled with 11 very unique songs. The album starts off with the hard hitting “Dirt into Dust.” Next is the first single off the album “Step into the Light,” which is a perfect example of the sound of Dust for Life; hard, fast and soft calming. The third song is also the second single, “Seed.” “Seed is an song filled with very creative guitar riffs and lyrics. Other highlights include “Dragonfly,” a romantic mellow slower song, and “Poison” a “you said you wouldn’t hurt me, but you did anyways” song. The pace of the album remains the same until the last three songs, which are performed mostly on acoustic guitars, but that is not a negative aspect. They are just a amazing as the rest of the album. Dust for Life was removed from Wind-Up Records not long ago, but have since released an independent release to follow up their debut album called “Degrees of Black.” It is surprising that a band with so much talent and ability has remained unsigned for so long. One listen to their remarkable music will have you asking the same question. Dust for Life is still performing a few shows here and there, but has not gone out on a full scale tour since they were dropped from Wind-Up Records. Getting dropped from their label hurt Dust for Life, but it has also shown what a band who will do anything for their music can truly do on their own.
Three Days Grace relaxing on the floorThree Days Grace, consisting of Adam Gontier, Brad Walst, Neil Sanders, and recently joined Barry Stock [not pictured], is a relatively new band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Three Days Grace launched their careers with the release of their self-titled debut album on July 22, 2003. The first single off that record was the popular “(i hate) Everything About You,” which deals with love-hate relationships of all kinds. This song was a huge hit for Three Days Grace, it even landed them on the compellation album “Now That’s What I Call Music; vol. 15” mostly along with annoying rap or hip-hop tracks. “Just Like You” became just as huge as “(i hate) Everything About You,” but in its own certain way. The line “I could be fake, I could be stupid, you know I could be just like you” because a fan favorite. Just like their first single, their second was featured on “Now, vol. 16.” Recently they released the track “Home” as the third single."Home" is about being stuck in a place where you don't feel comfortable, but can not escape it. Three Days Grace writes songs of inner struggle and the desire, in a way, for freedom. Their songs are mostly dark or negative because they are the result of a writing session singer Adam had. "I don't find it easy to write about happy s**t," says Adam. "You don't need a release when you're happy."
Disturbed back in the dayDisturbed is one of the greatest bands in today’s rock scene. Mike Wengren, Dan Donegan, David Draiman, and Fuzz make up Disturbed. The members of Disturbed came together when both Dan and Fuzz were out of a band and were trying to form a new one. They got together and called Mike to come and play the drums. They all knew each other from the downtown Chicago music scene. The three of them had a hard time finding the right singer who fit right in with them. They posted a “Singer Wanted Ad” in the Illinois Entertainer, a local publication, to help them in the search. David Draiman happened to see this ad and audition from the singing role. In the audition David impressed the three of them right off the bat by singing his own original songs. If that wasn’t enough, as the audition move on, they felt a certain vibe while jamming together. That first song became “Want.” They played many shows in the Chicago area and eventually got sign to Giant Records. They went right to work on their debut album. On March 7, 2000, Disturbed released “The Sickness” onto the world. The first single off the album was the smash hit “Stupify.” Disturbed fast riffs and powerful drum and bass beats accompanied with David raw voice was adored by thousands of fans. The tracks “Voices” and “Down With the Sickness,” whose intro and David's signature “O-Ah-Ah-Ah” later became Disturbed’s trademark, were also released as singles. On September 17, 2002 "Believe" was release as the second album. The video for the single "Prayer" created controversy because some of the video scenes were too closely related to that of 911. Towards the end of the video, there is a earthquake scene in the city where the singer is performing and the buildings start to crumble and fall to the ground. These scene were to close to 911 that MTV banned them from airplay. Disturbed did not even fight it and just went on touring on their “Music as a Weapon II” tour. Right now they are in the studio working on their third album.
Slipknot displays their new masksSlipknot is made up of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. In human terms that's DJ Sid Wilson, drummer Joey Jordison, bassist Paul Gray, percussionist Chris Fehn, guitarist James Root, sampler Craig Jones, percussionist Shawn Crahan, guitarist Mick Thomson, and vocalist Corey Taylor. Slipknot is a band from Des Moines, Iowa. They all wear different masks and wear the same jump suit with their number on a patch on their shoulder. Slipknot is one of those bands you love or you hate. You either love their anger-expressing lyrics and hard, fast sound or you think its nothing but screaming and noise. Corey Taylor lyrics and singing style are not for everyone. Most people think of them as nothing but noise, but they are truly an extremely talented band. The nine members of Slipknot all provide their own ingredient to the mix. Without one o them, they would not sound the same. All of the members are equally important. They have released three albums since the current line-up got together. Their debut album, self-titled, include the hit “Wait and Bleed” and “Spit it Out.” “IOWA” was their sophomore release with the singles “Left Behind” and “My Plague.” Recently they release “"Vol. 3 [The Subliminal Verses]" and released “Duality” and “Vermilion, pt. 1 and pt. 2.” Slipknot are a band that everyone should listen to before judging it as noise.