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hen i graduate high school i plan on going to college. i have decided to try and go to the university of oklahoma to persue a career in the medical feild. i was thinking of becoming a sergon.but if i decide to change my mind i would also like to become a defense attorny for criminals. i would choose that because i know that many criminals dont get the best defenders and arent always judges with justice. but if that doesnt work out for me another option i have in mind is a phsycologist to help people with their problems. i think that i have some promising careers that will make me happy with my future. if your wondering why i have chosen the colleges that i have is because i think they are good but i Still have to check them out and find out more about them anhopefully visit them.but first i must bring up my grades in high school so that i can get accepted in to one of the colleges that i want.