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"and the resolution is so high I could see labias and flabias, flip flaps......whatever they make the keyboards out of....it's non stick."
~ Dave Chapelle

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(Saturday, July 30, 2005 -- 12:51 P.M.) ~The Almighty Bobodie~

Rough start...

     Oh i do crack myself up sometimes. Ok, so im off to a slow start regarding the whole site revitalization. But, at least i did accomplish some things this time. I finished El Tigre's profile minus the picture which is stored on my other computer and...well i guess that's pretty much it. Still, something is better than nothing. I will be doing most of the updating while im at work, so i dont have a lot of my regular resources (ie. photos, access to some sites, other miscellaneous files). But if the work days finally slow down like it has been today, then i might be able to get a decent amount of stuff done on this site. Still trying to figure out what other sections to add/modify for this site. I have a feeling salad fingers will be making an appearence sooner or later as i have grown fancy of him. Who knows...that's all for now.

(Sunday, June 19, 2005 -- 1:55 P.M.) ~The Almighty Bobodie~

Round Two...

     Due to recent events (mostly, me being bored at work) I have once again decided to try my hand at making an entertaining website. Although it is likely that this site will most likely suffer the same fate again, there is one thing that is certain...I will not unintentionally turn this site into a personal blog. If you feel like looking at the earlier posts (I don't recommend it) you will find that I was straying from the original concept quite a bit. However, things have calmed down and my mindset regarding this site is on track. Sadly, I don't believe my colleague (elTigre) will be returning to help with the site anytime soon. But who knows...fate has showed me stanger days.
     So, friends, I invite you to stick around through the weeks to come and maybe I will get some things up on this site that could be entertaining. As always, my feedback link remains unbroken so don't be afraid to use it. I sure could use some ideas on what to add to the site. That is all for now, but hopefully I will return soon.

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