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Blacklisted Rental Properties

30 Milner Gate
Advertises On:  Renters News
Full Address: 30 Milner Gate, Thornhill, Ontario L4J2N4
Contact Name: Alex Yusfin or Alla Iounoussova
Contact Number: (905)762-0976 or (416)318-6372
Contact Email:
Rent: $550/month
Accomodation Type: Shared with 1 other person
Appliances: Refrigerator, Sink, Stovetop

Called Alex up sometime in early June because I was desperate for a place to rent, told me that he was at work and that I should come at 6:00 to his house to see the basement. Arrived at 6 and his wife Alla or Leah (Who has a different last name), showed me the basement. I found it odd that she chose to take me through the house rather than the "side door" (I found out later why). Went downstairs and everything looked normal (Though I looked briefly). There was a Russian man renting the room I was to rent who she claimed "Waited months to my place when he came visiting from Russia."

On the way back upstairs I inquired about laundry, she said this would be arranged so I assumed the laundry was shared between tenant and landlord. I felt a little pressured by the rushing but I myself was in a rush so we went upstairs and signed the rental agreement.

Fast forward (Actually forwarding several weeks of severe hardship), I called Alex on June 30 and informed him that I was calling just to make sure everything was ok for my move in the next day. He informed me that it was and that I could even move in in fact that very same day. Initially I refused but later I changed my mind.

I arrived at the basement room at night and low and behold - THE ROOM IS A STINKING WET MESS. It had rained heavily the past week and it leaked through a window. There was broken furniture everywhere in the room as well as rotting wet wood (From the furniture base) which really stank up the place.

Alex in his infinite generosity offered me a passive heater which he had in his infinite cleverness cut off the the high setting knob in one of his attempts to save electricity costs to point at the floor. I was so eager just to go to sleep as I had been without a place for the weeks before that I decided to ignore it and just make the best of it.

Leah came down subsequently that day and the next day to "check the floor" and I told her it would need a steam cleaning. She offered me a regular power vacuum instead. I did the best I could with it under the circumstances and it changed the floor from wet to damp.

Leah kept coming down afterwards for no apparent reason. I am ashamed to say I did some things to even help her. The first week I was there she brought down these people to take the very couch from which I was sitting on in the living room. In my vulnerable situation, I actually helped her.

She kept coming down yelling my name, once she even came into my room and turned off my lights.

I placed a hook on the door leading from upstairs to the basement which they removed twice. When it came time to pay for August I did not. Alex in his usual arrogance and audacity demanded payment from me. I informed him that there were some problems with intrusion into the basement by him and his wife. I also told him that his wife had lied about the laundry - in as such as:

1) She wouldn't let me use it when I wanted (She would keep the door in the garage leading to the laundry room locked. Apparently, her need for privacy in her laundry room is more important than mine in my living room)
2) They didn't have a dryer.

I was ready to just bail out of there without notice but at this time - with my physical ilness, it would be very difficult - especially if they would cause problems during the move by changing the locks during the move, etc... Also the side door is not a true side door, it is a descending staircase in the garage. Alex came to an understanding or so I thought that under no circumstances did I want him or his wife down there. Gues what??? His wife came down yesterday and even had the audacity to knock on my door.


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