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Students Are Required to Turn In:

1. The invitation letter, signed by both a parent and the student.

2. The student registration form.**

3. A copy of current immunizations, and this must include a Mantoux PPD skin test.

4. A copy of the student's birth certificate.

5. A valid form of proof of address, this must be one of the following:
» An electric bill
» A mortgage deed (this cannot be an insurance statement, payment coupon or settlement statement)
» A rental lease agreement

6. A current physical report.

7. High school transcript. Home schooled students or new Delaware residents, please send a complete set of academic and medical records.

7. Wellness Center Forms.** (optional)

8. A copy of the current IEP or 504 Plan only if the student will be receiving special education services or if they have specific accommodations under 504 guidelines.


** Asterisks indicate the form is included in the registration packet.

Please include student's name and grade on every item returned!!!