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Mr. Reese Rigby
High School Biology, AP Biology, and AP Anatomy and Physiology
Mr. Rigby is the high school science teacher. He looooooves Funky Friday! Mr. Rigby is a teacher that makes sure his students understand the material through class lectures, discussions, videos, power points, and labs. He spends extra time coaching students who do not understand lessons, either during class or after school. Mr. Rigby is also the coach of the Cab Calloway Science Olympiad Team!
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Biology CP/HN

PREREQUISITE: "C" average and above in Physical Science or teacher recommendation.

The Biology class studies the biology of plants and animals through lectures, videos, discussions and labs. The honors course goes more in-depth on each unit. 1 Credit

AP Biology

PREREQUISITE: "A" or "B" average in Biology and teacher recommendation.

The Advanced Placement Biology class, also offered through Apex Virtual School, is an in-depth look into biology through the study of individual cells, chromosomes, genes, hereditary traits, and evolution. They participate through lectures, videos, discussions, and labs. 1 Credit

AP Anatomy and Physiology

PREREQUISITE: Teacher recommendation.

The Anatomy and Physiology class study the anatomy and physiology of the human body by studying each system separately and how they relate to the body as a whole. The students participate through lectures, videos, discussions, and labs. 1 Credit

Science Olympiad Team


Mr. Rigby coaches a team of high school students to prepare events in this competition. The students compete with other students from all over the state of Delaware in events that involve physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, and many different forms and combinations of science.