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Mrs. Joan Warburton-Phibbs

Middle School Dance

Joan Warburton-Phibbs graduated from Springfield College in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and a minor in Dance. In 1981 she received a Masters of Science in Physical Education and Dance Performance from Smith College in Northampton, Ma.. Mrs. Warburton-Phibbs founded the Chrysalis Center for Creativity in the Performing Arts in Washington, DC and the Washington Area Independent School Dance Festival. She danced in Washington, DC in the Louis Tupler Dance Company and with Nina Schineflug in Illinois along with various other groups in London, England. Mrs. Warburton-Phibbs has designed dance and physical education programs for the Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC and for the Madeira School in McLean, VA. She has taught overseas in London and Amsterdam. Her special interest is in teaching stress management and relaxation techniques to various student groups and adults. Mrs. Warburton-Phibbs also teaches ballet and modern dance at the University of Delaware figure skating training center. Mrs. W-P is what she prefers to be called and she has taught for 26 years. She splits her time between Delaware and Great Falls, VA.

"Remember that Dance is the loftiest of all the arts."

Middle School Dance
Grades 6-8
Middle School dance at Cab Calloway School of the Arts follows the objectives set by the National Dance Association. Students continue the learning process through movement exploration. In middle school, students address the development of self-image, social contacts, and peer relationships. In this time of emotional and physical change and uncertainty, dance provides an important understanding of the structure and function of the human body. The dance program focuses not only on established sound dance technique but also how the human form accomplishes movement and communicates abstract ideas, and how the body and mind are integrated. Dance skills become more significant through the development and expansion of movement vocabulary and repertoire. Creating and performing dances are a more integral part of the majors program. The sixth grade curriculum will introduce students to Ceccheti, RAD, and Vaganova ballet methods. In modern dance classes, students will learn the rudiments of Graham, Hawkins, and Limon techniques. Jazz classes will focus on the classic Luigi style. By seventh grade, students will be able to distinguish among the different dance genres. By eighth grade students will be proficient in both modern and ballet technique. Dance History and multicultural dance and are integral to the core curriculum. Sixth graders will focus on the primal cultures and how dance evolved through image and imageless tribes. Seventh graders will focus on the Greco-Roman period and eighth graders will study the Renaissance through 20th century dance. Each grade level will look at dance through its many sub-domains:
• As exercise
• As a form of communication,
• As a way of expressing oneself,
• As a cathartic experience,
• As an art form,
• As a social experience,
• As a way of understanding nature,
• As fun!