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The Senior Research Paper

The Senior Research Paper is assigned every year to CCSA Seniors. The report is assigned by the respective teacher in English. Seniors who have English in Charter, do not have a research paper; conversely, Mrs. B. Swann and Mrs. L. Coburn assign the papers their own way. Mrs. Coburn lets the student write his or her own paper on a topic of their choice, but set the amount of pages. Mrs. Swann has a specific three-part system, of specified steps and formats.
Mrs. B. Swann
Mrs. L. Coburn
Mrs. Swann's Research Paper is due April 7th, 2005. Each week you are late, a letter grade is dropped from your final grade on the report. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS PAPER, YOU WILL FAIL ENGLISH 12, AND IN TURN, NOT GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL!!!
Mrs. Coburn's "mini-research" paper is not as tedious as Mrs. Swann's paper.