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CCSA Middle School Staff
The Cab Calloway Middle School is located on the bottom floor, (first) of the old Wilmington High School Campus, with some classes on the second floor. The CCSA Middle School consists of three grades: sixth, seventh, and eighth.
Click on the teacher's name below, to go to a page on the classes they teach.

Sixth Grade

English: Mr. Joseph Masiello
Social Studies: Mrs. Christine Lagola
Mathematics: Mrs. Janice Curry-Lambert
Science: Mrs. Kimberly Fanny
Reading: Mr. Frank Patton

Seventh Grade

English: Mr. Lawrence Parker
Social Studies: Mrs. Margaret Donohoe
Mathematics: Mr. Jerry Edwards
Science: Mr. Steven Beam
Computer Applications: Mrs. Nancy Cleveland

Eighth Grade

English: Ms. Linda Emerick
Social Studies: Mrs. Eileen Orga
Mathematics: Mrs. Susan Goodman
Science: Mr. Brian Drake
Health and Physical Education: Mrs. Kye Donahue

Special Education: Ms. Sarah Schmittinger