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Mrs. Linda Letson

High School French; Middle School Visual Arts
Students can chat online with other French speaking students from other countries. They can share ideas and cultures online while learning the French language.

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"On ne voit qu'avec le coeur. L'essential est invisible aux yeux."
Antoine de St.-Exupry, Le Petit Prince

Translation: You only see with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye"

Course Descriptions




French I

Level I students will begin the development of skills first in listening and speaking, and eventually in writing and reading a second language. The primary emphasis will focus on communication in the present tense. Students will demonstrate a proficiency of expression in situations such as: greeting/leave-taking, expressing likes/dislikes, and talking about ones self, family, friends, home, school, and leisure activities. Students will function in interactive situations with learned expressions. Daily practice in class, as well as at home, is critical for success. Contemporary life, customs, and traditions and the arts of the countries where the language is spoken, which would be of interest to young people, will be included in the course of study. Students are expected to speak the language to the extent of their vocabulary.

1 Credit

French II

Students who have demonstrated success at Level I will continue to develop skills in listening and speaking a second language with increased emphasis on writing and reading skills. Knowledge of culturally appropriate behavior in face to face situations will be demonstrated. Students will make requests and obtain information from culturally appropriate materials (menus, schedules, maps, etc.). They will communicate interactively to solve lifelike problems. They will structure productive, grammatically correct sentences and short text. They will begin to expand their use of tenses to express time in the past and future. Students are expected to speak the language to the extent of their vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on expanded use of tenses to express time in the future as well as cultural differences of people in the world.

1 Credit

French III and IV

Students in their third and fourth years of study will be exposed to more sophisticated language. They will read from authentic texts on topics related to history, arts. More advanced and original writing will include presenting short lessons, creating original dialogues, and developing videotapes in the language. Topics will be chosen from the following:

French around the world
African studies
Impressionism/great painters
the comic book
children's literature
contemporary and classical music

Students are required to speak the language in class in level IV

1 Credit