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Students are required to:

1. make a portfolio (the sole criteria on which assessment will be based). Not only will acceptance be based on the portfolio, but the strength of the works will allow us to fairly determine your placement in the Visual Arts program. Once you have applied, a portfolio review date and a Portfolio Registration Form will be sent to you. Portfolios should be picked up on the designated days given to you upon delivery. This portfolio should include:

  • a still life of at least three every day objects grouped and drawn from observation.
  • a full-figure drawing of a person standing, seated or reclining and drawn from observation.
  • a self portrait of yourself, preferably done in pencil using a mirror.
  • a landscape drawing or painting created from observation. Use your yard, school, neighborhood or a park as a resource.
  • four to six additional works that are representative of your arts interests, abilities, commitment, and experience. The works and ideas represented should be your own and not taken from published sources. Suggested mediums may include any of the following: watercolor, acrylics or oil paintings, pencil, pen, chalk, charcoal, or pastel; printmaking - linoleum, etching, litho, mono-prints or silk screen; collage or mixed medium; photography, sculpture and pottery.

Preparation of slides:

All framed or three-dimensional works should be represented with slides or photographs. Each slide should be numbered, have its top identified, and include the student's name. A "slide inventory" should be included with the slides on a separate piece of paper where corresponding numbers describe the size, title and medium.