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Mr. Denver Garrison

Middle School Drama

"Hold fast to your dreams
For life without dreams is a broken winged bird that cannot fly"

-Anonymous "If you are doing something, really be there"

Mr. Garrison loves acting in all of its forms, but especially stage and film. In his spare time, when he has any, he loves reading, especially high fantasy and children's books. He loves magic, juggling, toys and games. Mr. Garrison has been acting, directing, producing and teaching for stage, film and television for the past 26 years. He holds a bachelor degree in theater from Bowling Green State University and a degree in Music Education for both instrumental and choral music. He holds an MFA in Acting from Rutger's University. He taught both music and theater in the Fremont City Schools and the Marion City Schools. He has taught at Ohio State University in the Adult Continuing Education program and undergraduates at Rutger's.

Middle School Drama
Grades 6-8
Students will improvise scenes, scenarios and/or plays and will give formal and informal presentations. They will also learn to design and build set pieces for these presentations. They will evaluate, analyze and interpret each other's performances and other theater work. Throughout their studies, students will also learn to direct by envisioning and realizing scenes. They will study theater arts in relation to cultures, times, and places.