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Mr. Robert Emmons

Middle School Instrumental Music

Mr. Robert Emmons had been teaching at Cab Calloway for 11 years now. He has a B.S in Music Education and an M.A. in Music from West Chester University. Mr. Emmons teaches grades six through eight and conducts three different bands: The Concert Band, The Symphonic Band, and the "Phantoms", the Jazz Band.

"School's out for summer!"
-Alice Cooper
Note: Mr. Emmons teaches Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Instrumental Music. The descriptions listed below are the different bands the students may join.

Concert Band
The general band that all Band Majors and minors are required to be in. They play an assortment of music.
The middle school Jazz band. This is for the intermediate to advanced musicians. Swing is the music of choice.
Symphonic Band
This is another Middle School Band. The Symphonic Band is another advanced band. They play music similar to that of the Concert Band except that the difficulty of the music is higher.