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The Young Choreographer's Showcase

The Young Choreographer's Showcase was a huge success! Our school put on a variety of dance numbers, performed by both high school and middle school students. All of the acts were original, although using some teacher help at times. Click here to see our dance teachers!!! Everyone loved this showcase, from sixth grade to twelfth--from student to teacher.

I would put in my opinion also, but I was actually not there; I was working on stuff for our yearbook, which is sure to include this show anyway, so it was like I was there all along! I loved that one number when that stuff happened to that song. All in all, this year's show is one not to forget.

Here are some facts on our Dance department:
  1. The high school dance department is headed by Mrs. Allyson Cohen-Sherlock. Click here to view the HS Dance page.
  2. The middle school dance department is headed by Mrs. Joan Warburton-Phibbs. Click here to view the MS Dance page.
  3. The showcase is compiled of student's original pieces.
  • Middle school pieces
  • High school pieces
Mrs. Cohen
Mrs. Phibbs