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Mrs. Mary-Jane Bennett

High School Social Studies

"Be tough minded but tenderhearted."

Course Descriptions

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Mrs. Bennett has been teaching for 35 years. She has a Master's Degree in Education from Widener University and an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Delaware.



US History CP/HN

This course is a survey or American History with emphasis on the period from the Civil War to the present. Class discussions, projects, and audiovisual material will be used. This course is designed for the college-bound student.

1 Credit

World History CP/HN

A survey of world cultures is presented. Beginning in the Middle Ages, units focus on Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and European civilizations. The development of skills in doing research and writing short reports are stressed. The course is open to all students pursuing a college preparatory class.

1 Credit

Government and
Economics CP/HN

The two major areas to be covered will be economics (Free Enterprise System, Comparative Economics), and American government. Research will be an essential part of the program.

1 Credit


This course will focus on human and animal behavior. The course is designed to enable students to better understand themselves and others around them. Specifically, the program of instruction will include studies of the following: the relationship between the brain and behavior, human emotions and the physical and social influences affecting them, various states of consciousness including sleep and dream analysis, methods of learning and how people learn in different ways, the stages of human development, development of personality, and psychological disorders. The course will include in-depth studies of these topics and various scientific experiments that have been conducted on them.

0.50 Credit

Mock Trial I and II

This course is designed for students who have already received a .50 credit for participation in Mock Trial and would like to continue with their studies in Mock Trial.

0.50 Credit