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Cab Calloway Administration
Welcome to CCSA's Administration page. CCSA has two administrators--Dean Rumschlag, and Assistant Dean Freeman. Click on the picture of the dean(s) below to view their respective movies on the Cab Arts School.
Dean Rumschlag is returning for her sixth year at Cab Calloway. She has a B.A. in Special Education from St. Mary of the Woods College. She also has a M.A in Education Administration from San Francisco University. Mrs. Rumschlag has taught for two years in Indiana, five years in California and one year at Christiana High School. Our dean had also been the Assistant Principal at Christiana for three years. She is a yoga participant, and an avid music and theater enthusiast; Dean Julie Rumschlag is a very knowledgeable, multifaceted and respected leader.
Julie A. Rumschlag, Dean
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"Remember to take time for things that are really important in life."
Mrs. Freeman has been at Cab for one year. She has a B.S. in Music Education from South Carolina State University, and a M.A. in Music Theory from Ohio State University. On top of that she is enrolled in the Ed.D. Program for innovation and Leadership at Wilmington College. Not only is she well certified, she has seventeen years of hands on experience. During that time Assistant Dean Freeman has been a band director, math, social studies and science teacher, choir director, dancer, and a color guard choreographer among other things. A veteran of the profession and a mother of eight, Mrs. Freeman will be a valuable asset to the staff at Cab Calloway.
Angela X. Freeman, Assistant Dean
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Both deans have offices located in the main office. To contact the deans by phone, call CCSA at:
(302) 651-2700

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