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CCSA Academic Staff
Although the school is centered around the performing arts, Cab Calloway's academics department is not lacking. With an all-star crew of teachers, a child at this school will get the best education possible.
Cab Calloway School of the Arts' middle school teachers are all experienced professionals. Every student is given every possible opportunity to excel to their greatest potential.. Cab's middle school has always placed very well on the eighth grade Delaware State Test. To view a list of the Middle School teachers, click on the underlined words, "Middle School."
Cab Calloway's high school provides many great chances to succeed. Our students are able to take a variety of different classes ranging from College Preparatory all the way to Advanced Placement groups. In addition, the High School placed in the top two schools in the state on some portions of the D.S.T.P. If you would like more information on the individual high school teachers, click on the underlined "High School."