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.:.The Chump Bucket.:.
The third scheduled meet got underway today and the results are in: Lawrence +85, Eric +40, Jeffie +9, Enrico -5, Mandeep -11, and Collin -118



.:. Cursed Penny.:.

The Legendary cursed Penny. Some say the ghost of Lincoln still haunts it, others say it was a black man that finally found "its" home. We only know one thing for sure, and that would be the terrifying fact that no hustler have EVER won with this "piss-ugly" penny.

.:. Hungry Nigger.:.

This is the acclaimed Hungry Nigger penny. We have reasons to believe that the dent marks on the penny was caused by a 'hungry nigger' hence the name. Rumors say that it might have been during the gold rush that a nigger bit it because he thought it was gold.

.:. The Moldies.:.

You can find mold on all of these pennies, but one can only wonder how and why mold got on these coins. It is a very frightening fact that mold can grow anywhere it pleases. If they do intend on carrying out their plans of world domination, then the world will soon be taken over by a hostile invasion force known as the "The Moldies".