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.:.The Chump Bucket.:.
The third scheduled meet got underway today and the results are in: Lawrence +85, Eric +40, Jeffie +9, Enrico -5, Mandeep -11, and Collin -118



.:. Chump of the Week (Oct.31).:.
For the second time this.... FOOL have put himself in the place of the "Chump of the Week". Round after round, he continues to challenge every chump with his crappy hands. Also, as he claims, he gave up several hands that would have turned out to be straights. With these faults, he has manage to make his first appearance into the "Chump of the Week" seem like nothing but spare change. Perhaps he let his stupidity get the best of him, but he has reached his new all time low of -118.
.:. Chump of the Week (Oct.21).:.
At the first meet this chump appeared in, he stunned us with his unique strategic game play. He showed us that pair K's are no safe bet as he decided to fold the round having already put down a bet, which resulted him with a final score of -32. He did not fail as badly as our previous two "Chumps of the Week" nor did he do too bad compare to the other five chumps who lost, he is the best choice for this week's "Chump of the Week".
.:. Chump of the Week (Oct.19).:.
After 20 rounds of Texus Hold'em, this mysterious newcomer has showed us that it doesn't take a dumbass to really lose. This chump earned the title "Chump of the Week " because of his ability to lose more than three times the amount of our previous chump. And to make matters worse, he has yet to win a round. He has also set a new low for the lows with a ground breaking, head bashing final score of -169 points. Many questions surround this chump, will he ever see some 'green' ?
.:. Chump of the Week (Oct.1).:.
After the first duel of the hustlers, Collin, hoping to follow in the glorious foot steps of the lucky Mandeep, shames us all with a whomping -50 points.