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File Things it does
Anti-Cheat Patch For eliminating older trainers used in DF2.  Enable before starting game.
IP4DF2 IP software for joining DF2 servers on Novaworld.
Lacie Editor Allows DF2 players to create and save Hexed names to their player save file.
Mission Manager Used for servers to turn on/off selected maps and select order of play.
NeoTrace Express Handy tool for tracking down unwanted guests.
No CD Hack Allows users to play DF2 without CD.
Quick N Dirty Remote Host.  Allows people on remote computers to activate server command (punt, ban, etc)
Real Producer Program used to put Real Music and Video on your site.
Roger Wilco Yet another Voice Communication Program.
Screentaker Screenshot program that can take shots in any format (gif, jpg, etc).
Swish v2.0 User friendly Flash maker used by many to make sigs

These Downloads Were Taken from =LAF='s website