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Bnet Toolz Macros

These macros SHOULD work in Bnet Toolz, but have not been tested, if you have any problems please EMAIL me and let me know.

Heart Macro
Thanks to Michael Coger for this Macro. Only took him 4 emails to get it right ;) (Kidding..)

Dice Macro
I have a newer version from Razor but I have yet to figure out how to transfer it from the email because he is using a diff font then me. Give me a few days.

Gun Macro
Thanks to Jeff Sutton for this Macro.

X Macro

Face Macro

Friend Macro (will only work with friends that have SHORT user names)

PD Macro

Skateboard Macro

Starcraft/BroodWars Macro

He was bored Macro

The X Macro through the Bordem macro were sent in by Dark (what he wanted me to call him). Thanks for your time and effort put in Dark, keep sending if you have more.