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The Wolf RP Handbook

The first thing to do when you start RPing is to create your first wolf. On most sites there is no limit to how many wolves you can create, but you must make sure that you have time to RP all of them. I generally find it best to start with one, then, once you get used to the site and the people on it, maybe add one or two other wolves.

I find creating my characters the most fun thing about RPing. I use many different sites, but I only use six characters. Four of them exist only on one site, but the other two belong to several packs. As an example, I'm going to use one of my newest and least used wolves, and guide you through the creation process step by step.


Gender is the first thing you should consider. If you yourself are male, it is almost certain that you will choose to RP a male wolf. However, if you are female, you have a choise. Most sites are in desperate need of males, and your wolf is more likely to get a mate if they are male. Having said that, if you play a female you have more flexibilities when determining personalities. However, the decision is entirely yours. I myself prefer playing males. The wolf I shall be using in my example is male.


I did have a picture of the wolf I was using as my example, but it seems to have disappeared. However, do not base your wolf on a picture, but rather you should see your wolf in your head, describe it in words and THEN find a picture of it if you need.

Most sites do not allow unnatural colours such as blue, pink, purple etc. although a few elemental wolf packs do. However, I prefer my wolves to look realistic, as then I can use the same description on every site I RP them at. Colours that are counted as natural are:

  • Brown
  • Brown- red
  • Grey
  • White
  • Black

On avidgamers sites, it is advisable that you put your wolf's personality, history and appearance in your user lookup, which can be viewed from the member list. You can change your description, as well as your username, password and displayed email address by going to Account Settup.

So how would I describe my wolf? Here is the description of him as it is in his pack:

Fur seems black, except that in some lights it seems to reflect the light around it, giving an eerie, mystical, not quite real appearance. Body is large and muscular, legs toned and eyes bright.

Maybe I chose a bad wolf for an example, as this one has no outstanding features like many of my others. Of course, you should also add in any significant scars or other features, eg. is your wolf missing an eye? part of an ear?


Aha! The best, but sometimes the hardest, part of creating a wolf. Most wolves are names after an object or feeling, or have a completely new name. Not many have usual human names, such as Chris, Mark, Emily or Sophie. It is worth putting effort into their name, as it is the first thing most other RPers will notice, and they may treat your wolf according to this. Personally, I think that names should have hidden meanings, or be something to do with the appearance or personality of the wolf.

The names of my wolves are, in order of how much I RP with them:

  • Vulcaleo
  • Traira
  • Black Sun
  • Mirror
  • Songbreeze
  • Frost Fyre
  • White Raven
  • Myth
  • Poison
  • Rainfall
  • Clarity

    Wow, that list has grown a lot...

Mirror is the wolf I have been using for my examples. By the way, if you do happen to see me (under any of the above names) on any RP sites in the future, do tell me.

Some of the other names that I like are:

  • Hex
  • Atlanta
  • Samalica Windstar
  • Avensiel
  • Rhapsody
  • Revenge
  • Chaos

If you see or think of any good names, please tell me and I will add them to the list. (I might also use any really good ones for my own wolves...teeheehee!)


I shan't say much about this, as it is up to you. As I have said before, the wolf is not you and so you can make them as kind or as evil as you like (and, trust me, RPing and evil wolf is seriously FUN).

Just a few things to bear in mind are that every character has a flaw, and so should your wolf. It is no good making your wolf perfect and all wise, as they will at some point probably be proved wrong, and it makes things boring anyway. Also, avoid saying that your wolf is the best at anything, as if everyone who said that was, the world would be a strange place. For instance, instead of saying that Mirror is the best fighter, who is stronger than any other wolf, I said that he is an excellent fighter and hunter, who has lost few fights. This gets across the point that he is better than your average wolf in this subjuct, but leaves him open for defeat.

Mirror's personality description, more or less as it appears in his pack, is:

Mirror is an excellent fighter and hunter, although he prefers not to do the first unless provoked. Therefore he uses his skills mostly in hunting, something that he does a lot. He is very friendly, and quite trusting, although he tends to tease others, especially those he loves. Mirror is hardly ever cruel in this, though. He also sometimes underestimates situations, not taking things seriously enough.


The last thing, I promise.

In fact, this is not needed for all wolves, only those who have not been born into the pack they are in. If they HAVE been born into the pack, it is still worthwhile writing a small amount about any significant events in their life to help others keep track.

It is useful to explain why a wolf has arrived in a pack, i.e. why did they leave their old pack? what has helped to shape their character. My wolves do not have long descriptions, with the exception of Rainfall and Mirror. It is not something that people often read when looking at your user lookup, it is more something to help you keep track.

The most popular histories include fights, encounters with humans, dead loved ones and months of wandering.

I shall not give you any more pointers on histories, as it is quite a personal thing. Often they reflect your own past, the only place where it is really acceptable to make the wolf like yourself.

Well, that's about it! Finally! So now you've created your first wolf, you can proceed to Lesson the Second- Basic Rping.