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Burning Waters Wolf Pack

*You follow the path to a waterfall over a lake as the sun begins to rise. The water appears to be made of fire. You look up and see, high on a cliff above you, the male you saw in your vision howling to the rising sun. He looks down at you as a breeze ruffles his fur. He calls down to you:*
You have found your salvation.
*With that he turns away and is gone.*


  • I'm starting to find it hard to keep up with everything, so I will be giving some people more admin responsibilies, but only if I know I can trust them. At the moment, I'm thinking about Stardust, Trinity, Kai, Kiri and Tasaga, but if you want some admin, message me.
  • I've decided that the announcements page is useless as long as I have this page, so I'm getting rid of it.
  • As you can see, I've been playing around with the HTML on this site, so if the whole place goes kaploof, don't panic! I will panic, but you don't have to.