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Advanced RP

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Lesson the First- Creating a Wolf
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Lesson the Fourth- Ranks
Lesson the Fifth- Your Wolf's Life
Lesson the Finaleth- Advanced RP

It's been great teaching you guys and we've finally come to the last lesson! I'm gonna miss working on this guide. However, I will now be free to concentrate on the funner things on this site, such as a review page and a page all about ME and my wolves, and then I might even venture so far as making my own wolf RP site. This may take some time, though.

Anyway, where were we? Ah, yes, Advanced RP. A nasty little bugger that I, personally, have no time for. I think that it is damn well near impossible to involve your wolf in a conversation when it takes you three hours and about 17 paragraphs for it to say hello. Not to mention everyone else's posts you have to read to keep up.

But, any good Wolf RP handbook should say something about it.

I haven't studied advanced RP in much detail, but it seems to me that most posts repeat a lot of what the last post has just said. But that may just be me. I won't go into it.

I really cannot be bothered to explain all the finickety little things about advanced, so instead I've just found a good example. I got this from Where the River Narrows, a very good advanced RP site I know but am not a part of. You have to be accepted into this pack at the territory borders, and may be turned away. This is a joining post by Karlanda Wolf. I have never spoken to her and I doubt that she will ever read this, but I thought I should give her credit for this all the same:

Thoughts. The dusty-hued lids flickered, jaded occuli fixated on the other lupine. Her neck ached from constantly looking up, when her cranium was pointed towards the sky, and her moist nose in the dirt. Brows raised, making it a bit easier to see, and she stole a glance at the wolf before her. Ebony dipped plume made a quick wag, hitting the insides of her short, lean legs. The ruff of her tan neck bunched up into hills, much like those that she had travelled across in order to find her kin. She realized how fortunate she was to even have parents, and a family that she presumed loved her, but she couldn't help but jealously gaze at the numerous canines that had escaped the fiery lava flow, not only with their lives, but the one's they loved and cherished.

Woe. Maybe that was why she had been left to fend for herself after the volcano erupted. Perhaps nobody had loved her enough to watch for her fawn-colored pelt, that had been singed with black, and in places where she had lost bits of fur. She knew well enough, that Jareeko and Blackiethorn could take care of themselves, had most likely made it through the mass of fur that had surged away from the valley. She didn't know where Sankou was, and her heart filled with dread whenever she thought of what could have happened. A prayer was whispered, every time she thought of him, that he had safely made it out. She hoped her parents had too, for they were adult, but had they been lost in the mob, unable to get to safety? Small horror filled her bright expressive eyes.

Understanding. The smokey-hued femora was talking, and she slowly struggled to bring herself from her grave thoughts. You are luckier than you know to be on a quest to find your parents young one She blinked abruptly, and the first thing that came to her mind, was that the older wolf just didn't understand. It wasn't as if she wanted to be looking for them, when she could be snuggling with them in a warm cozy den, watching the night through star-filled optics, round as a full moon. The meaning of her words came to her sluggishly, slowly and not quite all in one big understanding. She could not even know her parents, or have had them ripped from her life at such an early age that she would not know them if they pranced in front of her howling and barking. That would be much worse then just not knowing their location.

Heart. For she had a large heart, and she guessed that was partly due to her parents. She had lived her short life growing up around others that loved her, and would look after her. She had met Sprite, the bouncy white puppy, and played with Sankou, trying to cling to him after scary stories. Hunted with Daddy, Jay, Sprite, and 'Kou, stalking an old moose, feeling the first rush of victory. Spent lonely nights curled up in her bushy coat, knowing that tomorrow would be better, that she would play, and no longer be lonesome. Now she would never have that reassurance, of knowing that her family would be right there beside her, through thick and thin. It made her sad, but in the same way happy. She had known her family, loved them, and grown up around their mold of love and care.

Brave. She once again casually looked towards the ashen-painted wolf. It was odd, but she know understood how lucky she was, and how heartbreaking it would be to not have that part of her life in her heart. It made her feel brave, one thing she had never quite thought about. Kou' had always thought of her as wimpy, when she cowered from his evil monster, sure that they would be summoned, and eat her up. She had proved her bravery to herself, shown the she was not afraid, and that not even the toughest could keep her away from what she strived to do. Anger directed at her brother, one she had rarely felt angry with, boiled inside of her, and she knew that it was wrong, but she felt mad at him for thinking her a coward. He never invited her to explore caves, or climb large rocks, because he thought her to be to scared. Well I showed him!

Coyotes. For after the eruptions, when her spirits were broken, and she had no will to carry out the rest of her life, three scraggly creatures surrounded her still body, sneering at her fear. Lookey what we have here One would grunt, the other two drooling, and from time to time, shaking their heads, wet saliva flung into the air. She had skirted away from the one that spoke, who was apparently the leader. Every so often, one of his cronies would lunge at her, eyes flashing maliciously. The largest would bash his paw upon their muzzles, and they would grumble, and slink backwards, into the shadows, only their hungry, yellow eyes showing.

Attack. Suddenly, claws had appeared, as the leader stepped forward, teeth outstretched. She swiped at her fur with his claws, before she could twist away. Cerulean optics filled with hatred, she reached out with her puppy fangs, chomping hard onto the muzzle of the bully. He squealed, lashing out, but missing her limply swinging body. Finally managing to shake her loose, he fled, tail tucked neatly between his legs. Her hackles had rose, growling fiercly, and she was sure that if anyone had come along, they wouldn't have recognized her, for the wild look in her eyes, would have confused her own parents, she was sure of it. Yet, she was proud, as the small drops of salty blood had fell onto her velvet tongue.

Speech. Once again, the slate wolfess spoke, and this time, she snapped quickly from her memories. It seemed she was speaking more to herself then the light chocolate youth, but she listened anyway. Something about wanting to know. She cocked her petite head, hanging it off to the side in a questioning way. She nodded, not wanting to interrupt, although not quite understanding what she was talking about. As suddenly as had begun speaking, she stopped, nodding to herself. Curiosity filled the soft optics, but she decided not to ask the questions, since the ashen-tinted femme seemed to be taking care of that job pretty well.

Family. Accented words were once again placed onto the air. Her parents? That was an easy question, and just weeks ago, she would have found it immensely funny, but today she just looked ahead, and solemnly answered, although her voice still had it's cheery note. "My name is Karlanda Makoi ma'am. My parents are Ravanna and Kryptic Makoi" Her answer has straight to the point, not bothering to be hidden by double meanings and things of the sort. She wondered if this lupine knew her family, but it was highly unlikely, even though she thought she detected a bit of the Salvaje Valley scent on the bushy coat.

Mustn't go around assuming everyone knows my parents She reminded herself, even though when she had been younger, she had believed everyone had know her kin, and her parents had been the strongest wolves in the world. If that was true, She thought bitterly to herself Why don't I know if they're even alive?

As you can see, you need practice for this kind of thing. I shall say no more.

This is the point where I would usually tell you to proceed to the next lesson, but there are no more!!! I may add more in the future, so check the Updates Page (erm, coming soon!) for more details.