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Algernon goes to Jack’s house in the country. He
pretends to be Ernest, which is thought to be
Jack’s brother. Cecily and Algernon flirt. Jack
returns to the house and tells everyone that his
brother has died. Cecily tells Jack that Ernest
is dinning room. He replies that he doesn’t have
a brother. Jack tries to get Algernon to leave.
Algernon doesn’t want to leave because of Cecily.
He wants to propose to her. She says yes and
tells him that they were already engaged. She
shows him the box of letters, and tells him of the
story of their relationship. She loves him
because of his name. Gwendolen wanted to see
Ernest so she came to the country house where Jack
and Algernon were located. Cecily and Gwendolen
start talking, and they think that they are
married to the same person. They started to
argue. Gwendolen thinks that she should have
Ernest because he asked her to marry her first.
Jack enters the room and kissed Gwendolen. She
asked him if he was married to Cecily. He laughed
and replied no. Cecily new there was a
misunderstanding because he was her uncle Jack.
Algernon enters the room and kisses her. She
proceeds to ask him if he is married to
Gwendolen. He replies no. They are both mad at
each other because they mislead both of the
women. They explain that Jack does not have a
brother and told them their real name.
-Kristin Herzer