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Jowe Catullo's Poetry

Hey! You've just entered the offical site Jowe Catullo's poetry. This use to be the domain of The Velvet Shab, Jowe's side project music, but jowe realized that instead of running a website of his side project and music, it would be much easier to post his poetry as much as possible! Poetry is another side project of his! So enjoy the poems. Jowe is hopefully going to put together a book of poems entitled "DOORS" by the end of the year, but you will see them here first! .

Here are his first 3 poems posted on the site!


I don’t believe they’ve seen this road. The rest have been very different. They tried going out West, But instead they went to Heaven.

Many souls, which we can’t judge, Look for home, and they find it up above.

They tried going out West, But instead they went to Heaven.

Stones in the ground, which wear their names, And Many more besides them. They tried going out West, But instead they went to Heaven.

Their grandsons and daughters, that never knew there grampy. Well, they have learned their lessons. Because their grandpa tried going out West, But instead he went to Heaven.


Further more, I have yet to explore in a world I have been, To take the hearts door, and turn the goddamn knob. Instability is not acceptable to me.

My life must be on the verge to complete. Perfection is not a quality, it is an option. Options are imperfect if they’re not mandatory.

Humans are machines, Meant to love, and to purposive. Humans can die, but memories will survive. Memories are imperfect.

To be honest is an accomplishment. Accomplishments are imperfect. They are once in a life. Life is imperfect.

Smiles are perfect. To lead a god to a window of heaven is beautiful. Feel the breeze upon your face.

Back in your skin, You become someone else. Because it’s tough, Just to be yourself.


Behind the doors, lies another, And another lies after that.

Behind those doors lies a secret, Not false, but not a fact.

Behind these doors, all connect, And a passageway is very much lacked.

Behind all doors, something is in common. But I’m not allowed to say that.


The mumbo, jumbo that were fed, It all goes the people’s heads. We are free, and we are brave, Were sending people to their graves.

The administration is covering tracks, They’re piling it over with even worse facts. The more we hear, the less we think, The less we think, the more they know…were clueless.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, Please wait upon me. I couldn’t catch up, Or fight the northern breeze.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, Please give me a look. I couldn’t help myself, From the yesterday I took.


The sun is so bright. The sun is so bright. My eyes are burning, and it doesn’t feel right.

“What are you talking about”? The old man said. The sun cannot burn with colors so bright. But, why yes they do, they burn so bright…

O wait one moment… It is still night.


I cried, and cried, and cried some more. It didn’t help; in fact it started a war.

I begged, and begged, and begged some more. But this wasn’t the solution I had hoped for.

“We’ll fight, we’ll win, there’s nothing to fear”. Cept I wont see my brother again this year.


How do I breathe? How do I cope? How do I whisper? Open the box!

Open the box! Open the box! Can’t you see? Open the box!

Take my pictures! Take pictures of me. But I’m stuck in this box, How will I breathe?


Use your head. Picture the most terrific site in your life! That’s right! It’s OK to smile!

Take someone’s hand, And kiss them a beautiful kiss. That’s right! It’s OK to kiss!

The heavens are blue, And the angles are too. A boat under water, That never imagined you!


My head freaks me out. My room is church. My sky orange, My secrets are known.

My cry is quit. My whisper loud. My eyes are gray. My flowers bloom.

My clouds pass by. My love is deep. My hands do tremble. My clocks don’t work.

My poetry stumbles. My name is branded. My heart is sunlight. My, my, my, is all mine.

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