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The Pitts S1C   "Project"







The Pitts airplane is a biplane that was designed primarily for aerobatics.  Though my dream Pitts, is a Pitts S1S (fully symmetrical wing with four ailerons) good for aerobatics through unlimited class, I have found this Pitts S1C (flat bottom wing with two ailerons) for a great price and a good project for the summertime.  I am hoping to have it finished and ready for engine by the end of summer 2004.  this Pitts will get me to the intermediate level acro. witch is above the most common sportsman class, when I will hopefully build or buy a Pitts S1S to allow me to become proficient in the unlimited class where hopefully I will be able to get a sponsor.

     non Structural Rust (light)             non structural Rust (light)

Today may 14, 2003 I contacted the seller to arrange a pickup date.  first I will order the spruce for the spar of the second bottom wing.  I will need to assemble one of the bottom wings and make some slight adjustments to the top wing. then I will inspect the wings before covering.  on the fuselage I will remove all rust and strip the paint so that I can repaint it with fresh rust stopping primer/paint. I will inspect all welds and structural areas for imperfections and perform all necessary repairs before covering. I've got a lot of work ahead, luckily its almost summer and I have almost 3 months devoted entirely to flying (work [Estrella Sailport], 1-26  FAI silver attempt, and just for fun, and The Pitts.

Total Hours:  Me           help                       Cost $                                               Date
                       6              6                            1,500             Airframe Project          5/17/03
                       0              0                            201                Misc. Parts                   5-18-03
                       3              1                             0                                                        5-19-03
                       1              0                             0                                                        5-20-03
                       1.5           0                             0                                                        5-21-03
                       2              1                             0                                                        5-22-03
                       1              0                             0                                                        5-23-03
                       1              0                             0                                                        5-29-03   
                                                 Total          1,701

Estimated date of completion: Aug, 2004
Estimated Total Cost: $15,000

What engine will I put in the Pitts?  Well I don't really know yet, but I am currently looking for engines in the price range from 4,000 to $10,000 with a minimum of 65 horse power but I am looking mainly around the 100 horse power market.  the engines I am considering at this point are the Continental O-200, Lycoming O-290, Lycoming O-235, Franklin 4A-235-B31 or possibly a Volkswagen 2180 conversion.  Currently I am most interested in the Lycoming O-235 engine with about 115 horsepower.  This engine would be used out of another airplane because I cannot afford a new Lycoming.  The only engines I am looking at new are the Franklin, and the VW but the Franklin is at the 10,000 mark and the VW, well Lets just say, its a VW.

What will it look like Check out these finished Pitts airplanes

well I am making progress, the tail surfaces are rust free and ready to paint, I painted the right stabilizer then my paint gun kind of died on me so I couldn't really finish.