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They're Here...

Welcome to the internet world of The Dying Breed, a most excellent Metal Band. The name has many implications, the most popular is that the members like things dying, which is only partially true. The name "Dying Breed" is symbolic of the inevitably diminishing metal-head lifestyled population of, primarily, Sherwood HS and the surrounding area of Olney and Sandy Spring.

The scene is fast vanishing. The Dying Breed attacks with full force, drawing the crowd in for a wild ride. TDB's aggressive, old-school/metalcore sound break through the walls of silence and flagrantly tame modern music.


Vote for TDB at Do it now!!
TDB is now on!!
TDB is now on Local Music Directory. Look us up sometime. [1/22/2K3]
It is complete. NevermorE will be available for $3. Find us. [12/19/2K2]
Recording is finished. All that remains is the covers. [11/10/2K2]
The Dying Breed is now listed at, !!CLICK!! [11/2/2K2]
Elaine Amonkey (or whatever it is) is a stupid burrito smellin tin can eatin goat that even Sean Bailey hates... that's pretty damn low... [10/7/2K2]

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