November 24th- Not a bad weekend at all really. Very good ending to a very bad week. Anyway, so on Saturday Amber, Hilary and I went out to eat and then sit around at my house. At Fortel's Amber was telling us this story about in the 7th grade how she and her two friends had this note-book just filled with diffrent list. And they had one list titled "Queens of De-niel" (hahaha...) that had all the preppy-monster girl names on it. So one day the preppy girls found the list and tore out the page. The girls then took the list makeing fun of them to the princepal and SWORE that Amber had a list of people she was going to kill. So at this point in telling the story Amber goes "I mean if you found a book, and in it was one list saying it was going to kill you, and one makeing fun of you which would YOU take to the pricepals office as evidence?" And for some reason this just hit me really funny and I could not stop laughing. Then, while I was still getting over that Hilary for some reason was telling a story and just screamed really loudly "MENSTAL CYCLE" which was also for some reason just so funny. I couldn't stop laughing for like half and hour and all of Fortell's was giveing us dirty looks. It was great.... or something like that. Oh, also Fitz and I watched Ghost World which was a very good movie. Okay. G'day.

November 20th- You know what? My teachers need to pick a new student to use as the center of all there jokes. Because it is loseing it's humore. I swear to God Mr. Holland wakes up two hours before work every morning and rehurshs jokes he can use to make fun of me in class. I mean, his jokes would be funny if they weren't so rehursed and I supose I do make myself easy to mock but really! Like when we were working on the reviwe for the test I wrote down the wrong anwser on my packet and said really loudly "Oh poop!" which is what any normal teenager would say right? But, for some reason Mr. Holland just found it so funny. Everytime I say something stupid or funny in class he goes "Oh poop!" Well Bah-humbug to Mr. Holland. And then this moning we were doing a coloring activity and I innocently offerd up the fact that Jam Master Jay had died... so Mr. Holland of crose started play a bunch of old school rap. See? See? This man is out to get me. Then there is 3rd hour my study block class with the pissy blonde walking cousler. She hates me. Boy, see my math teacher and my english teacher? They make fun of me but it's actually in a funny way. Unlike Mr. Becker (and Mr. Holland), the angery miget. that man just hates me, he does! He wants to keep me in his class too just to toruter me throught a slow and painfull death. Allright but this is all very random and poorly written. I got the new Matchbox Twenty cd yesterday. It is not too bad, althought it's diffrent. But today was not an extreamly good day and I have lots of homework. So I will get to it now.

November 14th- The play opened tonight allthought I was not in it, I went to do Adam's make up and help out with the costume stuff before the play. Bla. Gary created the Matchbox Twenty counter for my site. Thankyou very much Gary, you rock. Everyone come see the play tommrow if I am not dead. plop. G'night.

November 10th- Mmm, well I am back in town now. I know you all missed me so very much. Ceriouis Savage is in several more days.... everyone please come see that. Be sure to get your tickets early because they sell out fast. For anyone who was cerious (no pun intentend) about what the "...." means on any day I happen to put it or anything simiallar to it, it just means "I have nothing to say but I wanted to put up a quote of the day." My compture just ate my essay so I guess I should go re-type that now. G'day all.

November 5th- .........

November 2nd- I am so glad October is over that was just an awful month this year. Which is ironic because usually it's one of my favorite months of the year... because Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year it was not good however, not good at all. The Cerious Savage is opening in two weeks. It will be showing the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th but I will only be in it on the 15th and 17ths. Please come see it those nights. Other up comeing events include mobbs of english, chemisty and geomtry homework. I'm going out of town next weekend.... from the 5th to the 8th I believe. Oh I know, you'll miss me so much. This month better be better than last month. That's all I have to say. G'day.