*~Matchbox Twenty~*

Matchbox Twenty, is an ever amazing, and by far my favorite band. What makes them so great you ask? EVERYTHING! What do I know about them you ask? Everything! But lets start with the basics. Matchbox Twenty is a five man rock-out nifty group consisting of Rob Thomas, Kyle Cook, Brian Yale, Paul Doucette, and Adam Gaynor. Rob, Brain and Paul were all originally from a pretty damn nifty band called Tabitha's Secret. They met up with there current producer Matt Sterlic and made two cds as that band. However, due to an unknown incident they split up with there original guitars Jay Stanley and John Goff. They found Adam Gaynor literally in the recording studio. Adam had been working there as security guard and was messing around in one of the recording studios one night. The band happened to over hear and adopted Adam as their right guitarist. The band found Kyle Cook, also out of pure luck. He happened to live down the street from Matt.... And so Matchbox Twenty was born. They got there name from a restaurant were Paul used to wait tables. Paul was going about his usually line of work when he noticed a man wearing number 20 baseball shirt with patches all over. The only word that could be made out on the shirt was the word "Matchbox." So he came up with the name "Matchbox Twenty." The band all hated the name, and Paul really wanted it to be a clothing line, but they could not think of anything else.... And so Matchbox Twenty was named. They have so far released a total of only three CD's not including live CD's these are "Yourself or Someone Like You," "Mad Season," and "More Than You Think You Are." I have been lucky enough to see Matchbox Twenty in concert everytime they have been to St. Louis. They always put on a great show. This is off the topic, however but you should all know Rob Thomas is a stud-muffen. He is a very attractive man that I plan to marry. He is already married and has a child from a separate relationship. He is also twice my age but we will get married. Back to the band. With the release of there first single, Long Day, the band wasn't even on the charts. It was there second single Push that blew everyone away. They won the award for best new artist in 1999. Rob Thomas himself has won three or four Grammy's, all well desired. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I hope you enjoy reading the band member bio's and know, how very sad it is that I know so much about them.

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