July 30th- Today was nifty. I woke up this morning around one thirty to go to the orthadontis. After my trip my mom and I were headed out to the wall-mart near my orthadontis and what did we find? A 99 cent store! Yes my friends, not a dollar store, a 99 CENT STORE! I bough a bunch of nifty stuff. After that we went to wall mart and I got so new underwear and another pair of fishnets (seeing my last one's were torn). Then, I went home, cleaned the only slight dirtiness of my room, and went to work. After work Ian came over and we hung out until around 1:30 or so. I think there may have been something wrong with our heads. Okay, that's all for today.

July 27th- Check out "The Legend of the Crystal Coconut" for today. Hum, I took a test. It's results are so ture, it scares me.

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July 24th- For those of you who care today was much better. I didn't do much, but Fitz brought over Silence of the Lambs and we watched that then hung around abit then Jeffrey and I hung out until we managed to scare ourselves silly due to a hoot owl, some shapes in the bushes that looked like deamons, and the fact that we both still have a million fears about monsters from when we were kids. Ha! when we were. I forgot, we still are.

July 23rd- You know what? People are annoying. The more of them I meet the less of them I like! So, today was fine, I hung out with Jeffrey all day until I had to work. However, someone has been randomly changeing around the sequal at work or something because Franz came in and was like "erm, I'm working tonight" So I left. I went back and Jeffrey and I got out our eggs and were hanging out again. Then Jeffrey went in to eat dinner and I went into take a shower and while I was showering Ian and Hilary called. Hilary wanted me to meet her up at magic market and walk around because she was bored. So, I went up there and couldn't find her so my mom and I started driveing around calling everyone and looking for her and no matter what I did I couldn't find her. Apprently we had just missed eachother and she had been seeing us but not being able to get my atettion or something and when I finaly found her she bitched me out severly. So I guess she's pissed. Oh, well I've been getting bitch out alot lately. Ian, also told me to call him back when I got out of the shower and when he did his phone when straight into voice mail. WHICH IS ANNOYING. We have less than a month of summer left and I can't blame being pissy on PMS. I'm also loseing my hair again I think. I'm not very healty I don't feel good and I'm sick of liveing in this bloody town. AND I KEEP GETING THE SAME VIRAG AD OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. That is all I have to say right now, I apoligze for my ranting. Want no, I don't have to. G'bye.

July 20th- I've got to much time on my hands, and I drink to much diet coke. I think I look pretty fat on most of the pictures on my site, Maybe I should start one of those fade diets. I've been informed it's the cool thing to be emo this year. This I find comical, seeing I've only been talking about how depression has been come a trend forever. Anyone else notice that? I'm not saying that they're really arn't people who are depressed, because there are. Some people just seem to treat it like a trend. So now EVERYONE is depressed. Jezz, we live in hidious times! *sigh* Okay, that's my ranting for the day. Anyone else notice that I update ever three/four days? I just noticed that.

July 17th- So today I bought the new David Bowie cd then there was Franz's party which was nifty enought. I came home from that, finally manged to get my scanner set up and made "Combust!" go check it out. It has been brought to my knowlege that only two of the links on my Places~to~Go part work. I'll have to fix that. Tommrow I'm babysitting then I may to the pool with Brenna. Okay, G'night.

July 15th- Okay, well today was pretty good. I met up with Ian at the library and we sat around for awhile then, he left and my mom and I went to an excellent resturaunt called "Sweet Tomatoas" Then, I figured out how to upload pictured and placed the cute kitty up. I'm not sure if I'll keep it because it really doesn't fit in with the 'blue' theme I've got going. But still it's cute. Okay bye.

July 14th- So I took down the list of Music&Movies on the List~or~Things section because it A) It seemed out of place and B) It wasn't that intersting. Acttulay I think I might just delete this whole bloody page. It looks like every-other (okay so that's only like four but still...) angelfire page I've seen. Might I also add I'm not pertucarly fond of being naked, I just hate cloths. They never fit right, you have to worry about how they look and when you're someone like me you have to find one's that look just so so you don't look fat. A nice alltrunative to cloths would probaly be paper bags. I've never seen anything wearing a paper bag that looked fat. So, today really sucked but.... The y closed at 4:30 so I only got an hour and half work out in thus: when I ran into Rob, I hit him. I feel abit about about that, althought it was really more of a tap and I didn't mean to hit him I was attacking a poor defenceless bush. I'm definatly ready to move. Now, this minute. Anyway, bye.

July 13th- "Thought about, leaveing but I couldn't even get out of bed." Plop. I think that's my life all summed up into one sentence. That's about it. Bye.

July 11th- I got up at 8:30 this morning to go babysit which went until 2:30 so it was long but the girl's sweet. After that I still didn't feel very social so I cancel my plans and went to the Y for about two hours. They do not have punching bags there, this upsets me. So, anyway after t hat I went home took a shower and have just finished cleaning most of my room. I want to move. I don't think I'm ever leaveing my room it's the only clean room in the whole damn house. Anyone who has the money to hop a train to Canda with me let me know.

July 10th- Well today I sat around and twittled my thumbs, then went to the Y for a cupple of hours, then made the dedication part of my site and at some point and time to karate. I just took a really long shower shaved both legs, both armpits and cleaned my feet very well. I found this amazing gelitan free