"I'm here today, at a very specially arranged meeting with the one, the only Gary. Nicknamed 'Pan the Man' in 9th grade Gary has been working his way into our hearts, becoming one of our closet school friends and even turning into someone we'd like to hang out with a couple of times over the summer. I'm lucky enough to be able to ask all the questions you've all be dieing to know about the one the only Gary.

Entertainment Gary: hello Gary thanks for meeting with me, how's it going?

I'm going well. It's a nice day today.

Entertainment Gary: That's great. Now, as you are the amazing phose on this site would it be okay if we asked you a few questions?

Sure, why not…….what have I got to lose.

Entertainment Gary: That's great! Let's see, for starters. How did you get your nickname 'Pan the Man'? (Well, Langen told sister (Jamie) the story, and she said to you, "You should call him Pan the Man". And so you did. ) Entertainment Gary: I see. What is this story you speak of? (When I was three, I tried to fly, and jumped off the stairs to an unfinished basement floor. Not only did I realize Peter Pan the Disney flick was false, and the song I listened to every night ('You can FLY' ) was a lie, I also figured out the basic laws of gravity. I came out of the jump with a fractured skull and a bad black eye. Not too bad under the circumstances, though I did hit my head when going into the CAT scan and sitting up……..) Entertainment Gary: Excellent, now, what are your current views on war in Iraq? (I don't like the war that already occurred, but I supported the troops once we were in. ) Entertainment Gary: How about Matchbox Twenty? (The greatest band in the world **shifty eyes** hehe…. No, seriously they are good, not my favorite, but I enjoy their music) Entertainment Gary: Your website master Langen, states: "Although, Gary (that's you) is one of the coolest people ever, he is a big dirty liar." what does this comment mean? ( She (Langen) burnt me a mix cd of her favorite songs. When trying to recite the song names on the cd (she gave me no track list initially lol) she called me a dirty liar because she thought I hadn't listened to it. Though I did. I know a few songs: there's Ah Ha - Take on me…Ah Ha- Take on me…and uhhh Ah ha - Take on me…oh yeah and Matchbox 20 - Push…and oh yeah that one by Ah Ha, Take on me. See I listened to it…) Entertainment Gary: Ha! didn't listen to the cd she made you! Bastard! wait... I can't say that in here. Next question. What are you plans for this school year? ( Since it is almost over, I plan to round out this quarter with a hopeful A in Ms. Meyer's (ick) Spanish class) Entertainment Gary: What about the summer? (Absolutely nothing. Computer, TV, videogames, computer, and stuff with friends. ) Entertainment Gary: That sounds fun. Now, Gary, I have to ask the question everyone's dieing to know... Do you have a girlfriend? ( No) Entertainment Gary: Here that girls, he's single. Now, what else is there to say? mmm. What's your favorite class? ( Currently…Umm Physics with Ms. Webster. She is cool. She is helping prank a certain teacher upon my and other's request. She is great.) Entertainment Gary: Why do you like it? (I'm good with math. And I enjoy physics, I have read some books expanding the laws of physics and they are quite interesting. Hyperspace - Michio Kaku and Visions by, Michio Kaku (Physicist). Great books.) Entertainment Gary: And what is Langen going to do next year when she has a math class filled with people she hates... and no you or Lauren? (Ummm…I hope I'm in her class so she doesn't go insane, though I may be the sole reason she is pushed to insanity. ) Entertainment Gary: Gary, or Pan the Man, it's been great having you here. (Yes I had a great time. I would love to come back later, maybe in the summer for an update.) Entertainment Gary: We would love to see you back later, you dirty lying bastard, I mean Pan… Well everyone, there you have it a full interview with the one, the only Pan the Man, until next time. Langen, tell me if u like the new end. Get rid of the beginning part with the parentheseis descripition, and then the ( ) around my text. Thanks. I bolded my ending.