Feburary 25th- Man. Our play is so screwed. SO so very screwed, I cannot believe they cancled pratice today.

Feburary 17th- Okay, so the play went fairly darn well. There was only one slight problem were a peice of the set go stuck behind a curtain and wouldn't come of stage on the last night. Oh and that time I smashed the trunk opend. Backstage Ian decided it would be fun to draw all over me. He wrote a leghty note across my arms, and "bite me" on my ear amough other things. Ian also tried to kill me in the middle of the street after the first cast party because there were like 100 people in the basement of one house so we definatly had to get outside. After the second party Amanda K., Amber, Hilary and I went out to eat. There was a live band were we were and lots of elderly couples were danceing... I sorely wished Adam was there because he would have danced with me unlike Amber. *evil glare* She did however, sing to me with a Ketch-up bottle microphone and I felt very loved. Yesterday was sunday and we had strike until like three. I had to reorginz SR which, you non drama people should know, is a middle sized room crushed with like 80 thosand props. Then I helped take apart things and Mary C. and I agreed that to marry Ian just to make out with him would be like buying a cow just to get a glass of milk. And the was the last thing involveing the play. That's right. It's over. The rest of sunday invovled my family being stupid then hanging out with Fitz. We assmbled a bookshelf together... oh the romance. Well, that's pretty much the weekend. It was somewhat crappy but eh. It's over now. I am going to go do homework and write a letter for Mr. Zoth's traveling troup people. Allright. Bye.

Febuary 15th- I am posting one of those e-mail survays on this site. Anyone who wants to can fill it out and e-mail it to me but I figured it'd just be a good replacement for my life story. Come see the show tonight if you have not allready. It is pretty good.

Feburary 12th- Download "Don't Dream it's Over." by Crowed House. Pardon me while I go die now. Oh, and here is my amazeing spanish presntaion for tommrow, it is a "personal ad" here is the questionar I will be awsering on vidoe for a grade. It is a good thing my spanish teacher is nifty.

Como eres tu? (What are you like)

Yo esto muy gorda y retrozoan y yo tengo mal olor porque yo como mucha frigles. (I am very fat and frisky ad always smell bad because I eat lots of beans)

De donde eres tu? (were are you from)

Soy de infrinra. (I am from hell)

Cuantos anos tienes? (How old are you?)

Yo tengo mas anos que to abuela. (I am older than your grandmother)

Que te gusta hacer? (what do you like?)

Me gusta como frighuia y me gusta deurno y me gusta yo. (I like to eat beans and I like to sleep and I like you.)

Busco una persona aquien le gusta? (what are you looking for in a guy?)

You quarno Johny Depp o Rob Thomas o Luke Wilson. (I want Johny Depp or Rob Thomas or Luke Wilson).

Man.... so who wants to be my date?

Febuary 2nd- I have no updated in twenty days or so. Oh well. I have not had much to say. This weekend has been somewhat intresting. Friday Fitz and I hung about his house and went to some stores and such. Then, on satruday Hilary came over and we went walking around. We were on our way up to Fortell's but we found this hurt squirel in the road. So after somewhat of a fesco, we brought the squirel back to my house in a box. Then Hilary went home, and I was trying to get ahold of some of the wild life resque places or something but dude... NONE of them were picking up there phones. My mother was not picking up here cell phone either. So the squirel like stopped moveing, and I really thought I had killed it and I was freaking out. So I was sitting out there in the dark like sobbing and screaming out apolgize to the squirel. Which was alive at the time anyway... I just did not know. I called Amber, and her brother must have over heard me because he picked up the phone and was like "Squirel killer! You killed Rocky! There is no more Rocky and Bowinkle... there is just Bowinkle now!" and I of corse, was laughing, yet crying at the same time. Leave it to me to have a nevrous breakdown over a squirel. It was hilarous! But really, I thought he was dead. So, I finaly got ahold of one of the wild life places, and alittle while later my mother came home and drove me there to drop it off. I hope it's okay. Today Fitz came over before his band pratice and we went to the park. Now I am about to do homework. Bla. I do not feel very well. I do not want to go to school tommrow. They can't make me! Well... I guess in all technicallitys then can. Godarnnit.